The Tawaifs were an Indian equivalent of the Japanese Geisha. Their heyday was in the 18th-19th centuries.  After the British consolidated their control over India in the 19th century, The Tawaifs were branded as prostitutes, and marginalized in society.  This banishment might have been disastrous had not a devoted few kept this secret and sacred sensuality alive.  Bollywood-Nudes reveals the hidden sacred passions of The Tawaifs for the first time anywhere.

While Belly Dancing is known in the West, the version seen is not the traditional sexual belly-dancing found in Bangladesh, Kashmir and northern India. Sexual belly-dancing was meant to arouse passionsappetites and evoke orgasmic bliss. Bollywood-Nudes offers full nude Belly Dancing , uncensored and performed Bollywood's finest models and actresses.  Each dance is a beautifully-filmed and choreographed production, a kaleidoscope of exotic beauty and sensuous power.  
The Natya Shastra is the oldest surviving text on stagecraft in the world.  It is believed to have been written around 200 BC.  The Natya Shastra covers design, music, dance, makeup, and virtually every aspect of stagecraft.  The Natya Shastra is vital because it is the only text which details ancient dances. These historical notes were used in the filming of the
Bollywood-Nudes videos. The erotic dances of the Natya Shastra are truly timeless.

Kathak is the major classical dance form of northern India and Bangladesh.  The word "kathak" means "to tell a story" and is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India.  There was a change in the overall emphasis of Kathak;  as it shifted from religious storytelling to erotic, private foreplay. Bollywood-Nudes presents some of the finest modern erotic Kathak-inspired videos in the world. To View a Kathak dance is to experience passion.

Bharat Natyam is the most widely known of the classical Indian dances.  It has a strong presence throughout Kashmir, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  In the Orient, the majority of schools that teach Indian dance teach this style. Bharat Natyam has all the traditional elements of classical Oriental dance:  hand positions, facial expressions and narrative movement. Bollywood-Nudes presents the erotic and hidden side of ancient Bharat Natyam. Presented in true HD.

Kuchipudi is the classical dance form from the South-East Indian.  It is known for its graceful movements and strong narrative/dramatic character.  Kuchipudi was held in high esteem by the rulers of the Deccan.  At times, dancers could wield political and social power and by adding sensuality to their dances they could control their own destinies.  Today, sensuous Kuchipudi is Forbidden. It is presented here for the first time ever, in glorious High Definition.

 Deva Dassis were the temple dancing girls of ancient India.  Found in the sacred palaces, these erotic dancers held a special place within the social structures of India.  The Deva Dassis were free from social morals or need for husbandry; their sole purpose was to arouse the passions of the Temple Gods.  To witness one of their sensual rituals is Forbidden to outsiders. Bollywood-Nudes is the only website to bring you the erotic power of the Deva Dassis.  

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